The History of Falk Culinair

Established in 1958 by Pieter Paul Van Achter, Falk Culinair is now a third generation family operated company. Located in Wespelaar, 25 km northeast of Brussels in Belgium, specialising in the manufacture of heirloom quality solid copper cookware. In 1985, Paul Van Achter, brought his expertise in industrial engineering to bear favourably on the manufacturing process when developing and patenting the technology that permanently bonds a 0.2mm layer of austenitic stainless steel to a 2.3mm layer of solid red copper. This bimetal process is technically known as “intercrystallisation” and was a major milestone in copper cookware development.

Prior to this advancement most copper cookware was lined with a thin layer of tin, which has certain limitations. The interaction with the composition and flavour of food being prepared is of particular concern, as well as the need for periodic relining. Additionally, when subjected to high heat, tin lined pans are prone to blistering. The Falk bimetal innovation combines the thermal conductivity of copper with the durable, functional qualities of austenitic stainless steel making it the perfect material for kitchen cookware.

Today, the same personal attention to hand–crafted detail that put them on the culinary map is successfully combined with modern technology. Falk Culinair’s patented bimetal technology produces some of the finest professional–grade solid copper cookware available. Collaboration with both manufacturing experts and professional chefs produces the most efficient cookware possible. And with the addition of ergonomic cast iron handles these cooking vessels provide incomparable durability and ease of use. Quality cookware that exceeds the demands of modern cookery has confirmed Falk Culinair as an industry leader.

Falk’s commitment to provide products that stand up to the epicurean demands of the 21st Century is evident in every superbly finished piece. The traditional values and practices that have made Falk Culinair successful are as important today as they were when the first copper piece was forged. Tradition and technology comprise the core of Falk Culinair’s philosophy. Technology which has revolutionized the industry combined with time honoured attention to detail, set a new standard for solid copper cookware. Amidst this progressive and technically enhanced environment, true craftsmanship is still the order of the day, with the human touch the final confirmation of quality assurance.

Falk’s pride is represented in the heirloom quality of each and every glowing piece. Solid copper cookware crafted for durability and beauty. Enduring beauty that will not only stand the test of time, but also the demands of the modern kitchen and frequent use.

Discovering long ago that traditionally finished copper presents high maintenance to the busy chef, Falk resolved this issue entirely by satinating both the copper and stainless steel. This produces cookware that glows with the beauty of solid copper but requires no special cleaning compounds to achieve the as new radiance for the life of your cookware. For busy cooks who appreciate the beauty as well as the excellent thermal attributes of copper, this low maintenance surface is a real bonus.

Today the company is run by Jan Van Achter, the third generation of a family committed to excellence. This modern marvel of technology that is Falk Culinair still inspects each piece by hand and eye to ensure quality. Jan affirms that, “The challenge of the new generation is to continue to manufacture the finest handcrafted cookware in the world.” We at Falk Culinair UK are pleased to share Jan’s passion and his family’s vision.