The world's finest copper cookware

"Great service and copper pans are simply superb"
Website was well organised and easy to navigate. Delivery service was very quick and well organised. The pans themselves have eaten beaten my highest expectation. Altogether a very exciting buy. Thank you.
– Ms Eadie
"Good service quality products"
The order was handled promptly & efficiently. The producut is a quality item, we have another Falk product which has served us well, we anticipate this will be every bit as good.
– Mr Sword
"Beautiful cookware"
I couldn't be happier with the standard of the goods supplied, the efficient service and speed of delivery of anything I've ordered.
– Mr Dawes
"Another year and another addition"
Another year and another addition to my growing Falk Copper pan range. This time a lovely little 14cm saucepan which as usual arrived promptly (next day). Well done Falk for the eco friendly packaging.
– Stephanie
"Truly Fantastic service."
The service is just great I wish every company had such a great service. Thank You
– Myrna Henson
"Beautifully made copper pan"
Beautifully made copper pan, will definitely be ordering more.
– Teresa
I bought the 24cm pan and have to say that it is just great. I love the satin Stainless Steel lining and the copper outside likewise. Will be back for more some day. Had a "choice" of what to buy: coat from Boss for 600 OR the pan. Brilliant, I went for the pan and I am glad I did! Love it. Do...
– Pavel Z
"New to Falk"
As you may be aware, today it is difficult to find quality. People simply don’t value quality, being more driven by price or unable to find a true quality product. The term quality has been mis-used to add a perception of quality or value to sub-standard products. Imagine the relief to open a box...
– Mr Smith
"With Falk on my stove, the flavors smell like heaven to my nose"
It has been very exiting selecting the right pans from the Falk collection. Surfing through the online web shop was like being in a candy store. Excited to wait for the package to arrive. And then when it was time to unwrap the package the shiny copper pans appeared. Time for keeps...
– Dr Erwin Van Schaffelaar
"A brilliant start to 2015"
I received my order of a 28cm wok, caldron pan, frying pan, and lid on the 31st December, ready for the new year! It's only the 7th of January now, and I am so happy with my pans. The wok, I have cooked a beef stir fry, green Thai curry and coconut steam buns, using the steamer The caldron,...
– Mrs Asquith
"Excellent pans and great service"
Excellent pans and great customer service, would certainly buy from them again
– Duncan Walker
"Tried and tested and still tremendous!"
I dont write many reviews but I bought the jam pan for my other half as a gift and now, a year on, I can honestly say it’s her favourite pan in the kitchen! Falk’s service and quality products are outstanding. We also received a bottle of the cleaning paste they recommend as a complimentary...
– Lisa Clayton
"I now feel like a chef"
28cm frying pan....Quality, Quality, Quality,
– Mr Cope
"Best pans in the world"
Best pans in the world
– Mr Shannon
My stew pan and frying pan have arrived and I am absolutely delighted. Not only are they simply stunning to look at, far more robust and beautiful than I had anticipated but they have also been a dream to cook with. My collection starts here!
– Michael Molloy