The world's finest copper cookware

"Simply wonderful"
I couldn't decide if to go for Falk of mauviel so i ordered one of each. My mind is made up in 2 hours. Falk wins hands down. Well made and simply built to last a lifetime .
– Mr Smith
"Great value from Falk Culinair"
I ordered a 18cm copper saucier pan from the sale items on Wednesday 23rd November. It was delivered the next day, looks marvelous, looking forward to trying it out.
– Mr Peter Harris
"Falk has created a work of art in our kitchen"
From start to finish it was so easy to place our order. The catalogue arrived very quickly in the post and it is very detailed and clear, as is the website. We took advantage of a great online offer which we received by email and we are absolutely delighted with our purchase. The package arrived...
– Mrs Shepherdson
"Excellent as always"
Fast delivery, high quality product, what more could you ask for
– Peter Braidwood
Excellent, prompt service. Very impressed by the customer care and information received too. Thank you. Rare to get such attention these days.
– Mrs Miles
"Top of the range "kitchen gadgets""
First impressions Beautiful design with excellent finishing. Only received a couple of days ago so haven't used yet , but in comparison to our other collective of pots & pans, know it will do the job with ease, so looking forward to utilising it, and will definitely be purchasing further pans to...
– Kamila Hurren
"Definitely a 5 star outfit"
This company was highly recommended by a friend who raves about their copper pans. The service I received was outstanding. I had a few questions which were answered promptly and in detail. I placed an order on Tuesday afternoon and at 10.30 the next morning the cookware set was delivered to my...
– Tony Walton
"Great product, great service"
Easy to navigate website and ordering process. Delivery notification is very good and actual delivery is very quick and pans are always very well packed. The pans themselves are excellent quality, if a little weighty.... not for puny arms! They wash well and the brushed copper exterior looks...
– Mrs Ferraby
"Copper Rondeau Pan - A Truly Beautiful Product!"
This is a truly beautiful product which exudes quality and craftsmanship in every way. The reason I chose this pan over others, was that it can go straight from hob to oven, making it ideal for all kinds of braised dishes and gratins. Make the perfect souffled omelette, then finish it under the...
– Adam
"Wonderful quality and value"
Tremendous quality of equipment. You pay for quality, but cannot complain about this level of quality!! Excellent value.
– Mr Gilchrist
"28cm cauldron"
A really good solid pot. Perfect for a shrimp boil or cooking for a large group. It will also be invaluable for making stocks and mulling wine. I love the fact that it can easily fit in the oven too ! Neil was very helpful, and extremely patient, in answering all my questions. Thank you.
– Miss Ogwuma
"Outstanding cookware, outstanding service"
Ive been constantly impressed by the service offered by Falk and the quality of their products really is second to none. Im in the process of replacing my Mauviel pieces and am constantly amazed at the value offered by Falk. Cant recommend enough.
– L Preece
"Excellent experience"
Easy to navigate website and no hastle software, they make it easy for you to choose and to pay. Just got to try out my new pans now.
– Andrew Conwell
"Fantastic product, great customer service"
Reading the previous reviews I had high hopes that I had discovered a high quality product that was still made in Europe, both of which are important to me. All I can say is that the two pans I received exceeded my expectations by quite some margin! Also my purchase was followed up by a personalised...
– TC, North Wales
"Heavy, solid very functional pan. A joy to use."
This is a great saucepan. The only slight niggle is that I don't have the full set yet! I will rectify this issue soon. Copper pans are often thin and flimsy but not this one from Falk. It is solid and just about at the gold standard of cookware.
– Dr Franks