The world's finest copper cookware

"Good service"
Delivery was quick and informative on the day. Not got round to opening box yet (!) but all looks in order.
– Neil
"Great service. Speedy delivery"
Great service and a speedy delivery. The quality and craftsmanship of the product is obvious. Would highly recommend it.
– J McGuinness
"Mousseline pan"
We have just received our second piece from Falk Culinair a 20cm mousseline pan and lid, matching the 18cm saucier we purchased earlier this year. The curved inner pan shape is just perfect for sauce making, or anything else, and the pan itself is beautifully weighted. We are highly delighted with...
– Susan Green
"High quality service"
Fast to reply, fast to dispatch, perfectly packed. Excellent product.
– Mr Lawler
"Good online catalogue"
Good online catalogue, easy to order,efficient and informative delivery service. Very high quality products.
– Peter Johnson
I replaced my Strauss Le Cuivre (3-ply, copper exterior) for a Falk Chef kit (upgraded saute pan and stockpot to bigger sizes). I use a gas range. I've chosen Falk after reading reviews and a price comparison. The prices are better than Mauviel, Bourgeat and most other major manufacturers, at least...
– Jean-Pierre Nadeau
Next day delivery and we live on a small Island in Scotland.
– Mrs Ferguson
"A+ service and products"
Neil at Falk went over and beyond to help me out with my order. The service level was more than great (he even answered e-mails way out of office hours). Couldn't be happier with my new Falk cookware!
– Peter Ilis
"Perfect wedding gift"
I bought a falk culinair pan as a wedding gift for my sister. Was very impressed with the speed of delivery and quality of the pan. The guarantee that comes with the pan is very reassuring. The pan cleaning powder that was included gratis was also a very nice touch. Im lusting after one of these...
– Mrs Lightwood
"These pans are beautiful"
These pans are beautiful, not only do they make me want to cook, they're performance and build quality are sensational..!
– Peter White
"Simply the best"
I have many Falk Pans - cannot recommend them highly enough. The heat is very evenly distributed in the pan so not hot spots and burning - the heat transfer is so good you only need to medium to low settings on the hob. They are easy to clean and look good. What more do you want from a pan?
– Mr Rees-Jones
"Wonderful, quality pans."
Arrived super quick. The pans are really lovely. Im a very happy bunny. Thank you.
– Mrs J.B. of Northampton
"With Falk on my stove, the flavors smell like heaven to my nose"
It has been very exiting selecting the right pans from the Falk collection. Surfing through the online web shop was like being in a candy store. Excited to wait for the package to arrive. And then when it was time to unwrap the package the shiny copper pans appeared. Time for keeps...
– Dr Erwin Van Schaffelaar
"Wonderful quality and value"
Tremendous quality of equipment. You pay for quality, but cannot complain about this level of quality!! Excellent value.
– Mr Gilchrist
"Falk 18cm Saucier Review"
I was initially interested in purchasing the Falk Saucier pan based on dozens of online recommendations. I was lucky enough to come across it during the Try Me offer for an amazing price. The pan itself is as much a work of art as it is a cooking utensil. Purely from a manufacturing standpoint...
– Mr Earnshaw