The Falk Classical Range

Our Classical Range embodies inspired technology while providing uncompromising quality. Add to that durability and unparalleled beauty and you can see we offer a product imbued with pride.

The entire copper cookware industry was radically changed in 1984 by Paul Van Achter's revolutionary patented bimetal process which permanently bonds a virtually indestructible stainless steel lining to a solid copper plate. This intercrystallisation process eliminates the need for re-tinning, providing a much more durable and hygienic cooking medium.

The Classic Range possesses an easy care brushed finish, ergonomic cast iron handles, a permanent stainless steel interior, and the peerless cooking experience of solid copper. No other material used in cookware can compare to copper's ability to conduct heat evenly, giving you greater control over the results of your culinary masterpieces.