Multi-Piece Discount

falk culinair multi piece discount

Knowing that everyone appreciates value as well as quality, we're delighted to provide a state of the art check out system that automatically analyses your purchase and calculates the appropriate discount for you.

Purchase two or more items, totalling, 350,00 € (or more), and your order will automatically be discounted

Additionally, the more you spend the greater the subsequent discount percentage!

These discount percentages are calculated as follows:

10% Two (or more) items totalling between 350,00 € and 599,99 €
15% Two (or more) items totalling between 600,00 € and 1 199,99 €
20% Two (or more) items totalling 1 200,00 € or more

Pieces which are already discounted by 20% (or more), piece-of-the-month specials, or combination sets, will not be reduced further, but their total will count towards the amount used to calculate the discount percentage for other pieces.