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Our hand-crafted Copper Cookware Sets were compiled in collaboration with a renowned Michelin-star chef in Belgium, each of these sets contain a combination of versatile and popular pieces to cover a wide range of culinary tasks.

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Falk Classical Range Saucier Set
Falk Copper saucier set, cast iron handles, curved sides, even heat distribution, matching lids Read more...
5 stars out of 5 (2 reviews)
1 185,00 € 870,00 €
  • SAVE 315 EUR!
Falk Signature Range Saucier Set
Modern, sleek stainless steel handles, curved profiles, even heat distribution, stainless steel linings Read more...
1 180,00 € 870,00 €
  • SAVE 310 EUR!
Falk Signature Range Sauce Pan Set
Three piece set with lids, stainless steel handles, even heat distribution, high straight sides Read more...
910,00 € 675,00 €
  • SAVE 235 EUR!
Falk Classical Range Single Minded Set
Rustic cast iron handles, stainless steel linings, accurate temperature regulation Read more...
5 stars out of 5 (1 review)
870,00 € 645,00 €
  • SAVE 225 EUR!
Falk Classical Range Sizzler Set
Four-piece set for frying and sauteing. Thermal conductivity, durable cast iron handles Read more...
830,00 € 615,00 €
  • SAVE 215 EUR!
Falk Signature Range Sizzler Set
Four piece set, stainless steel handles, accurate temperature regulation, hygienic interiors Read more...
825,00 € 615,00 €
  • SAVE 210 EUR!